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Alternative Uses Of CCTV Cameras

All About Alternative Uses Of CCTV Cameras

Alternative Uses Of CCTV Cameras: Nearly all the articles and examples that are published about CCTV cameras majorly relate to security applications. However, many people do not know that there are numerous far more interesting uses as well as non-security applications of these advanced gadgets. Use your imagination and flair to bring immediate and tangible benefits out of an ordinary CCTV camera. Do you know that the original experimental animation of plasticize puppets was made using a time-lapse video recorder? Today, the traffic police in many cities of the world are using these video surveillance devices to provide a complete analysis of traffic flow on the city roads.

The entire procedure of keeping the traffic flow under check becomes a lot easier, convenient, accurate, and inexpensive, by the use of these CCTV cameras. These just have to be installed at each traffic junction and observers can keep a watch on all the important details from a remote location.

Another advantage that these devices offer the traffic departments all across the world is that it also helps them to determine the prominent trends in the traffic flow of their city. This facilitates them in organizing the traffic better during the rush hours.

Apart from assisting in monitoring traffic on bridges, roads, and traffic junctions, these CCTV cameras also help the traffic department in conducting various sorts of traffic surveys. The tapes recorded by these devices can be analyzed to get all the significant details including the types of vehicles and the routes taken in and out of an intersection, etc.

The CCTV cameras offer a lot more cost-effective solution also provided far more useful and reliable data than a manual survey can ever achieve. The significant benefits offered by these gadgets easily reduce the potential installation costs incurred on this equipment.

Alternative Uses Of CCTV Cameras
Alternative Uses Of CCTV Cameras

By seeing the live coverage provided by a CCTV device in case of a road accident, the paramedics and police officials can reach the accident spot quickly and start the rescue operation. This live coverage also assists the law enforcement authorities in chasing the criminals. It will be quite interesting for you to know that today; these devices are also being used for recording the activities inside a baking oven.

This helps to ensure that the ovens work well and everything is baked to perfection. Sometimes due to certain kinds of fault in the oven, the products can be under cooked or overcooked in a bakery.

This will not only lead to a great production as well as sales loss to the bakery owner, but it will also diminish a beaker’s reputation in the market. Sometimes, to spot the fault, the bakery owner may strip down the conveyors and drives, but still, nothing untoward may be found. A small CCTV camera offers a great solution in this situation. A tiny CCTV camera fitted in a water-cooled housing can be mounted inside the oven, to view the discharge area.

It can record the entire production shift and the tape can simply be overwritten and used several times. Detailed analysis of the tape produced by these super-efficient CCTV cameras can point out the fault in the oven and thus save the owner from incurring heavy losses.


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